Size and Shape

Working with Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development for Nat Sherman International, Schrader has gone through 12 different prototypes to achieve the ultimate Sparky cigar. This most recent iteration is an elegant blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic, finished with a Dominican Binder and Wrapper.

After determining the blend and profile of the cigar, Michael and Fred began to develop the size and shape, customizing it just right to enhance the smoking experience. It took years to get the final design in place but the hard work paid off as the end result is a unique shape that maximizes flavor and produces a smooth, easy draw. Very few rollers can construct this distinctive form of cigar, making this shape a piece of artwork in and of itself.

This FIgurado is unique compared to typical Perfectos, as the taper to the foot and cap is less drastic than many other perfecto shaped cigars.  At 6” long with a maximum center ring gauge of 60, the foot remains open and tapers to a 42. The taper permits a complex flavor from the first puff, setting the stage for a dramatic development in flavor as the cigar approaches its center and more and more fillers begin to combust.  In the final third of the cigar, as the taper focuses back towards the cap, a platform is established for slightly heavier strength and body in the final puffs.